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Auto HighSlide – Truly Auto-Increase HighSlide Image Effects Plugin for WordPress

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In fact, it is the enhanced version of Add HighSlide and the streamlined enhanced version of HighSlide4WP. Auto HighSlide does not need to start the HighSlide4WP plug-in support, just start the plug-in, similar to Lightbox 2, but I mentioned in an article that after Lightbox 2 starts The size of the JS file occupied is as high as 200KB, while the JS file occupied by the Auto HighSlide plug-in is only 32 KB, and a CSS is only 4KB. It is a lightweight plug-in.

Plugin author:

Showfom (

Introduction to the plugin:

Picture special effects, well, only the JS of picture special effects HighSlide has been added. It is clear that there are only pictures, and the requirement is that the pictures must be hyperlinked to the original picture, and there is no need to add extra code. The plugin will automatically add it for you, for example:

It’s that simple. Friends who use Windows Live Writer only need to upload a picture, and it will automatically generate a thumbnail and link to the original picture, and it will have an effect; users who use the WordPress background to add articles can use upload pictures, and then choose to link to the original picture , set the size to medium or even the original image according to your needs, as shown in the figure:



  1. As long as a picture is uploaded in the background, any pictures uploaded in the future will retain the form of the last upload. For example, if you set a link to the original picture and it is a medium size, then all pictures uploaded in the future will be like this , easy. In addition, uploading a picture through the WordPress background will automatically add a postid, so I always recommend using Windows Live Writer to write blogs directly.
  2. After clicking on the picture to enlarge, you can also drag it with the left mouse button. If you don’t believe me, try it.

Applicable version:

All WordPress versions, tested under Firefox 3.0.* and IE 6/7/8 official version without errors

Plugin preview:


(Click on the picture above, uh, this picture is lewd enough, I took a photo with the QQ show of two beauties…)

installation method:

  1. Unzip the compressed Auto HighSlide directory (don’t change the name yourself) to {WordPress root directory}/wp-content/plugins/
  2. Log in to your WordPress background, go to the Plugins page to activate the plugin Auto HighSlide

some problems:

  1. Is this plugin the same as Add HighSlide?

Of course it is different, Add HighSlide just adds the code of the picture, and then uses it with the HighSlide4WP plug-in, while Auto HighSlide simplifies the code of HighSlide4WP, such as adding emoticons to comments, etc., and integrates the code of Add HighSlide, so it is recommended to use.

  1. Can this plugin be used together with other HighSlide plugins like Add HighSlide and HighSlide4WP?

Can you drink two glasses of water at the same time? Of course not, but I have no objection to having two girls at the same time.

  1. Can this plug-in be modified by itself?

Change it, no problem hahaha, I just refer to other people’s functions, and I don’t know php very well, otherwise I will add a judgment function~

  1. Why is my blog ineffective?

First, make sure your theme’s header.php file contains , and second, make sure your images are hyperlinked to the original image, refer to the plugin introduction.

  1. Why do you have an article mentioning that you can delete but this plugin must be used?

I don’t like brushing my teeth, but can I force everyone not to brush their teeth? According to my observation, some unqualified themes do not have , so I can only add it to , and this code directly refers to HighSlide4WP made by mg12, which is very Simple, if you don’t want to add it in the header, you can directly add the following code to footer.php in the theme directory:

Then delete , or modify the plugin directly, put

/* Add HighSlide */function highslide_head() { print(‘ ‘);}add_action(‘wp_head’, ‘highslide_head’);
delete this paragraph

Advanced users can put the final

add_action(‘wp_head’, ‘highslide_head’);
change into

add_action(‘wp_footer’, ‘highslide_head’);
Then, js and css will be added to , well, you can modify it randomly, but you have to respect the copyright of the original author.

  1. Why do I think the blogger’s introduction is so long-winded?

A lustful life, need an explanation?


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